When I think of a Divided Heart, I think of Gomer in the Old Testament. The story of Gomer’s divided heart is God’s picture to us, His people, given to illuminate the core dynamics behind our dysfunction and to lead us toward the healing path on which you are about to embark. God wants us to learn about our current struggles—the ones we go to counseling to address and the ones we bring to our pastors and friends for help and ministry. There are huge implications in this scriptural story for why we, as a people, struggle with relationship issues and are so depressed, anxious, angry, and addicted, and why we are seeing these issues in unprecedented numbers today.

What are Pastors and Seminar Attendees Saying?

Steve knows that our emotional freedom, one of our greatest needs, is anchored in relationships, both with God first and foremost and with those we hold close. Get the relationship piece right, and you will be blessed—get it wrong, and you will hurt.
— Tim Clinton, President, American Association of Christian Counselors

Steve Fair’s understanding of how the mind, emotions, and heart works will help anyone who wants to know more about being whole explore how we protect our own hearts and thereby mistakenly block our healing and wholehearted love of God rather than ultimately allowing God to be our protector. Steve then takes a fresh look at biblical interventions and other suggestions that can be a huge help to anyone on this journey.
— Rev. Canon Andrew Miller, LCSW, Director of HeartSync Ministries

Steve does an excellent job of unpacking and simplifying complex emotional issues and pain to help you identify the reason we struggle to overcome them. He then guides you through the practical process of turning these issues over to God for true healing, which goes far beyond our own efforts and limited understanding.
— Bob Dutko, Christian Radio Talk Show Host

I believe the training Steve Fair carries is vital for people to hear, understand and apply to their lives. We all have to deal with difficult times; most of us don’t do it well. This onsite seminar is one of the keys to help people remove the negative defense mechanisms and thought patterns we often turn to. It’s through training seminars like this that the healing process can begin and ultimately bring transformation to one’s life.
— Rev. Dr. Thomas J. Seppo, D.Min., Executive Director, Operation Transformation

The biblical ideas surrounding Steve Fairs’ Christian counseling training help will help people create a warm and thoughtful invitation into a life-changing relationship with God and people. We tend to want either private healing with God or human connections with others. Steve Fair combines the love of God and the love of people into one way of life and transformation.
— Rev. Jim Wilder, PhD, Shepherd’s House/Life Model Works