Come join us for a training and ministry time with Steve Fair, LMSW as we study his book on inner healing called “Journey into the Divided Heart.” Many have received tremendous break through and healing through Steve’s ministry as he speaks at local churches and is the director at Renewal Christian Counseling Center. All are welcome as we journey together towards healing of the heart in this time of worship, teaching, and prayer.

This workgroup is for everyone, especially those that want to incorporate their faith in healing from life’s hurts. Also a great time of equipping for those that counsel or minister to the broken hearted.

Each month at the Divided Heart Group, Steve will present about a different tool for healing of the heart, and also will teach about the barriers to inner healing that we call defense mechanisms. Join us for this time of teaching, worship, and prayer every second Friday of the month in person or on line!

Please note: This group is not a therapy group- it is a faith-based ministry time of teaching and ministry. Divided Heart Group is a ministry by Steve Fair and is hosted separate from Renewal Christian Counseling Center.

Renewal Christian Counseling Center
100 NB Gratiot Ave
Mt. Clemens, 48043

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